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Skylights can add a unique touch to your home. They help to provide a lighting source and ventilation assistance for rooms in your home’s attic. Available in a wide range of design choices and functional uses, skylights are a great choice for homeowners who want to spruce up their top floors. They’re also a great way to help you save money on your energy bills.

But just like their standard window counterparts, skylights wear down over time. Seals erode, windows crack and framing begins to rot.

If you’re in need of skylight work at the time of your roof installation, J & B West Roofing and Construction can help. We are a Northwest & Central Indiana roofing contractor founded in 2007 by two brothers from La Porte, and we specialize in a wide range of skylight installations and skylight replacements. We possess multiple certifications and warranty options, and are proud to display testimonials composed by some of our many satisfied area clients.

If you’re in need of work done on your Central or Northwest Indiana home or business facility’s skylights, make J & B West Roofing and Construction your one-stop shop. Our team is qualified and ready to take on your next skylight project. Let’s take a look at why we’ve been trusted by scores of your neighbors to get the job done.

Skylights: A Primer

If you’re considering adding skylights to your home or business facility, or if you’ve just purchased a building with skylights and don’t have experience maintaining them in a previous structure, you may be curious to know how they function. Skylights are generally manufactured in three different varieties: those that are fixed in place, those that open for ventilation and those that are sun tunnels, which are ideal for very small rooms that don’t need much light.

Fixed skylights are great for an attic room that could use a bit more light, but aren’t in need of access to air. You might opt for a fixed skylight if you find you get a lot of rain in your part of town. Ventilated windows are often available in dimensions similar to their fixed counterparts, but are helpful if you plan on turning your attic space into a bedroom. Skylights and sun tennels are useful for hallways, closets and other enclosed spaces where installing electric light may not be entirely necessary.

If you’re concerned about the cost of your energy bills and are looking for a creative way to generate light and heat to help save money, skylights are a smart choice. Choose a unit that offers a high R-value and is Energy Star rated to help improve your home and/or business facility’s energy efficiency.

How Do I Know If My Skylights Need Repair or Replacement?

The easiest way to tell if a skylight is deteriorating is a water leak. If you notice a drip from one of your skylights, or if a pool of water forms on the floor of your attic, it’s time to address your unit. Air leaks are another way to determine whether your skylight is on its way out. If, during a cold spell, you feel a draft coming down from the ceiling, you should have your skylights inspected for a leak.

Other indicators of a skylight leak include damaged drywall around your skylight and a build-up of condensation in and around your skylight. These are signs that moisture is able to penetrate your home’s exterior, which you’ll want to be mindful of to prevent mold growth and minimize interior damage.

If there are no visible signs of damage to your skylights, but they’re several years old, it might be time to have them inspected.

Why J & B West Roofing and Construction?

J & B West Roofing and Construction is an excellent choice if you’re a home or business owner in need of skylight work. We have provided countless home and business owners all throughout Northwest & Central Indiana with expert technical knowledge, quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

When you invest in a project with J & B West Roofing and Construction, you’re taking advantage of a company that:

  • Offers a wide range of skylight options: choose a unit that perfectly matches your home or business facility’s unique aesthetic character
  • Provides a price-match program to offer maximum cost savings
  • Offers our customers the opportunity to benefit from referring their friends and family — we want to help those who help us
  • Supports multiple local charities and prioritizes local suppliers whenever possible
  • Provides military veterans and senior citizens with discounts
  • Was named the #1 contractor in LaPorte County by readers of the La Porte Herald-Argus in 2013 and 2015

It’s said that a rising tide lifts all boats. Utilize J & B West Roofing and Construction for your next home or business skylight project, and you’ll be doing your part to support your Central or Northwest Indiana neighbors.

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Here at J & B West Roofing and Construction, we pride ourselves on being on top of what matters most: providing our Northwest & Central Indiana communities with the finest roofing craftsmanship, customer service and attention-to-detail the area has to offer.

If your home or business facility is in need of skylight installation, repair or replacement, contact us at (219) 363-6151 today for a free consultation. We’re happy to work with you to determine a skylight solution that fits your aesthetic preferences, budget constraints and functional needs.